We manufacture and distribute specialized bathroom accessories used in public places.                                                                                            A wide range of fittings and equipment, an extensive network of proven suppliers...

Last realizations

Last realizations

International Congress Center in Katowice

In cooperation with WARBUD S.A. we equipped the facility with stainless steel products in the form of bathroom accessories, rails for disabled and specially desgined hand dryers



We provide free valuations and design and technical consultations. Assembly and delivery to the place of implementation, guarantees and post-warranty service.
We have over 20 years of practice and experience in this industry ....


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Fittings and accessories for public bathrooms - MAKOINSTAL

Welcome to the MAKOINSTAL website. We are a valued distributor on the market of modern sanitary infrastructure, including bathroom fittings and accessories, sanitary equipment but above all we are producer of handles, handrails and other facilities for the disabled.


Sanitary infrastructure for public facilities:

The products we offer have been created for use primarily in public buildings, public toilets, schools, offices, hotels and shopping malls. All our devices and bathroom accessories meet the high requirements of public bathrooms: they are comfortable to use, easy to clean, and at the same time resistant to any vandalism.

We also serve private clients who would like to ensure high comfort in using bathroom devices.


In our product catalog you will find:

• bathroom fittings

• bathroom accessories,

• hand and hair dryers,

• handrails and handles for the disabled,

• sanitary equipment

• Children's bathroom equipment,

• Medical furniture.


Details of our offer are in the tabs with product descriptions. If you have any questions, please contact our service office.